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Horoscope By Indian Astrologer in Melbourne - Pandit Surya Ji

Pandit Surya ji is qualified and famous Indian astrologer who provides Horoscope reading services and accurate future predictions. We provide services in Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Pandit ji's years of experience gives helpful insight into the key areas of one's life that include areas like career, marriage, finance, progeny and spiritual prowess.

A birth chart or Horoscope of a person is prepared by determining the moon sign of the native based on the on date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.

In the horoscope, there are twelve houses that accommodate 12 zodiac signs and the nine planets are placed in various locations and alignments inside the houses.

Detailed study of conjunctions of planets, aspects /drishti), strength of the planet, transit of planets is done by simplified system of Dasha analysis.

Each dasha is divided into smaller periods for making more accurate predictions. The Vedic horoscope takes into account the vernal equinox and applies a correction factor for it.

Your Horoscope provides insight into twelve areas of your life namely
  • Lagna – Basic personality
  • Dhana – Wealth
  • Parakrama - Great prowess v
  • Suhrida - Mother, well wishers
  • Suta - Children, Lovers
  • Ripu/Roga – Diseases/ Enemies
  • Kāma - Desires
  • Mrityu - Death & Longevity
  • Bhagya - Luck, Higher learning
  • Karma - Profession, Status & fame
  • Aya – Friends, income
  • Vyaya- Expenses

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